The Fairy Tale Grammar Book contains twenty-eight chapters
spread out over only thirty-eight pages.  Most of the chapters are
one page long.

The first fifteen chapters explain the basics of grammar in the
clearest possible way.  These are followed by seven chapters
covering common grammatical errors.  Then there are six on

Following the main text are answers to the exercises contained
the chapters, and following the answers are more exercises and

The book is called
The Fairy Tale Grammar Book because nearly all
the examples in the book are taken from fairy tales.  The fairy
tales were taken from the author’s own collection, called
The New
Blue Fairy Book.
 The stories are:

Puss in Boots, used in the body of the chapters,

Why the Sea is Salty, used in the exercises in the chapter,

Toads and Diamonds, to illustrate the chapters on punctuation, and

Prince Hyacinth and the Adorable Princess, used in the additional

As well, each story is printed in its entirety at the end of the book.