Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences
Chapter 2: Subjects and Predicates
Chapter 3: Nouns  
Chapter 4: Verbs
Chapter 5: Modifiers: Articles
Chapter 6: Modifiers: Single Words that Describe Nouns: Adjectives
Chapter 7: Modifiers: Single Words that Describe Verbs: Adverbs  
Chapter 8: Modifiers: Prepositional Phrases
Chapter 9: Modifiers: Participial Phrases
Chapter 10: Subordinate Clauses (also called Dependent Clauses)
Chapter 11: More about Predicates: Direct and Indirect Objects
Chapter 12: More about Subjects and Predicates: Subject and Object Complements
Chapter 13: Pronouns
Chapter 14: Conjunctions
Chapter 15: Interjections

Grammatical Errors
Chapter 16: Sentence Problems: Fragments
Chapter 17: Sentence Problems: Comma Splices  
Chapter 18: Modifier Problems: Misplaced Modifiers
Chapter 19: Modifier Problems: Dangling Modifiers
Chapter 20: Agreement Problems: Pronouns
Chapter 21: Agreement Problems: Verb Tense
Chapter 22: Agreement Problems: Subject-Verb

Chapter 23: Punctuation: the Period
Chapter 24: Punctuation: the Comma
Chapter 25: Punctuation: the Semicolon and the Colon
Chapter 26: Punctuation: the Apostrophe
Chapter 27: Punctuation: Quotation Marks
Chapter 28: Punctuation: Parentheses and the Dash

Lists, Answers, Additional Exercises, Additional Answers and Fairy Tales
List of Prepositions
List of Subordinating Conjunctions
Answers for Exercises
Additional Exercises
Answers for Additional Exercises
Toads and Diamonds
Prince Hyacinth and the Adorable Princess
Why the Sea is Salty  
Puss in Boots